Musical Generosity with Peter Schimke

Our first Master Class! Improvisation with Peter Schimke

What an inspiration to have Peter Schimke in The Piano Lab in Seward!  It was a delight to see our young musicians and their families come to a different kind of attention and take note of the intense pleasure a musician can have with their instrument.  Peter held us all spell bound with his playing.  He articulated great tools for increasing options at the piano,  played improvisational duets with each student, and knocked the socks off us as he went at it!  Playing several tunes with the flair, intensity and artistry he is known for.    We all got to experience what is possible when skill and creativity, years of exploration and discovery, hard work, and the love of music come together.  Thank you Peter!  We look forward to hearing more of your music.

Piano Lab, stay tuned for an upcoming opportunity to hear Peter at a special Jazz Central event.

Peter Schimke