Why won’t my kid practice?!!

Such a good question. How about we reframe it and ask;

How can I support my child while they are taking piano lessons?

You can support them by being consistent, encouraging and delighted with theirprogress. You all know by now that I play the long game – and it pays off! So any stumbling or hesitancy that is part of your child’s learning process is connected to their learning how to own their progress and time. Please communicate to your beloved learner that their lesson is special time, they are brave, and it is worth setting aside protected time for both lessons and playing daily. Try not to call it practice, call it playing. Less of a sense of obligation to fight against. Aren’t we all rebels against authority. Don’t boss me around, is a small or large voice in all of us. Consent is a practice of loving, relational bonds. We commit to the journey and then you and I can work out how to push them forward gently. Your actions tell them you value this activity. They see you privilege this time and see that you are working with me on their behalf.

My students are so lucky to be supported by you to grow as musicians and people! You parents are amazing and my adult students; bravo for giving yourself the gift of time and musical support. I salute you all!!